Purposeful Leadership Coaching Programs

Find the right program to advance Purposeful Leadership in your organization.

Why Our Coaching Programs Are
So Important

Our Coaching Programs provide the foundation, insight, and structure for mastering Purposeful Leadership (PL), a new approach to business management that puts Purpose first.
Lead from Purpose's unique methodology is built on the premise that:

  • Purpose is the difference the organization makes in the world and the reason for its existence.
  • Achieving Purpose is dependent upon the avid support of those individuals inside and outside of the organization who will significantly impact or be impacted by the organization’s actions. We call these key stakeholders its stakeholder community.
  • When an organization’s leadership takes on a Purpose that is meaningful and important to their stakeholder community and serves as the organization’s overriding context for action, they can harness the power and resources of that community.
When the practices of Purposeful Leadership are applied to your business, you gain access to three Superpowers that unleash your organization’s potential. Those superpowers are:

  • Inspiration: Inspiring people to act, share in something bigger than themselves, and experience fulfillment
  • Clarity and Focus: Clarifying and focusing on goals that keep you aligned, empower independent action and promote innovation
  • Engagement: Engaging people to be more attentive, more mindful, and produce extraordinary results
When these Superpowers are unleashed, organizations can address these challenges:

  • Attracting and retaining the right people
  • Keeping people engaged and self-motivated
  • Fostering creativity and innovation to remain relevant
  • Balancing the needs of many different interests
  • Building lasting brand value
  • Making the right strategic decisions and investment choices
  • Leveraging available resources
  • Improving performance

Purposeful Leadership
Coaching Programs

Introductory Program

  • Purpose Discovery
  • Business Design
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Initiative Selection

Mastery Program

  • Initiative Development
  • Performance Management
  • PL Practices Development
  • Business Planning Refresh

Purposeful Culture Program

  • Business Culture Impact
  • Positive Purposeful Culture Exploration
  • Purposeful Culture Blueprint
  • Positive Culture Sustaining Habits

Business Management Area

Strategic or Long-Term Planning

  • Purpose discovery
  • Business model design
  • Stakeholder community design

Short-Term Planning & Performance Management

  • Goals and objectives setting
  • Initiative selection
  • Performance tracking

Business Culture Development

  • Positive Purposeful Culture Exploration
  • Developing a Purposeful Culture Blueprint
  • Creating and implementing Positive Culture sustaining habits

Coaching Support Services

Our personal coaching programs are supplemented with these user services:

  • Online PL assessment tool and tracker

  • Recorded webinars with study guides

  • Additional practices and tools

  • Personalized online interactive tools

  • Additional resource libraries

Will you lead an organization that changes people's lives for the better?

Don’t waste a moment of your career building income without fulfillment. With Purpose, your business can start a positive movement.

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