Phase 1: Learn What Makes Work Positive

The Explore phase, will dive right into what culture is, how to diagnose culture, and learn the research-backed, practice-tested elements of a positive and purposeful culture that enables thriving.

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What is culture? What is a “purposeful” culture? Why is culture critical to delivering Purpose and sustaining performance? What elements are known to contribute to a positive culture? In the Explore Phase, we will demystify culture and dive into the research-backed and practice-tested basic building blocks of purposeful cultures. Specifically, we will focus on the four elements of purposeful cultures:

  • Meaningful
  • Positive
  • Connected
  • Fear-free

Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn the definition of culture.
  • You will learn the three levels of culture: Artifacts, Values, Beliefs.
  • You will learn the four elements of a purposeful culture.
  • You will be able to begin diagnosing your current culture and envisioning your desired, purposeful culture.

Key Tools:

  • Culture Diagnostic Framework
  • Assessment of The Four Elements of a Purposeful Culture

During this phase you will view one webinar and have two 55-minute coaching sessions with a licensed Discover and Activate Purposeful Culture consultant to complete a culture diagnostic and self-assess how the four elements of a purposeful culture are expressed in your organization.

  • Phase 2: Use the Purposeful Culture Blueprint

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  • Phase 3: Implement the Habits of Purposeful Leaders

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