Introductory Program

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Our foundational program is called The Introductory Program, which introduces you to the principles of Purposeful Leadership and with the aid of your PL Consultant guides you through the four practice areas of Purposeful Leadership so that you can begin leading powerfully from Purpose in your organization.

The four areas of Purposeful Leadership are:
  • Purpose Embrace - Discover/validate its business purpose (Purpose)
  • Strategy Aligned - Design/validate its business model, culture, and accountabilities to achieve that Purpose
  • Stakeholders Engaged – Identify or validate the community of key stakeholders (employees and others) needed to achieve its Purpose and develop key stakeholder engagement strategies to insure that occurs.
  • Actions Aligned - Select annual business initiatives with a tracking system to improve business performance and remain aligned with Purpose objectives
We strongly recommend that new users start with the Introductory Program before pursuing any of our other programs.

The Introductory Program consists of ten 55-minute coaching sessions, the viewing of seven one-hour webinars and related study guides, and one to two hours of preparation prior to each coaching session.

Online Tools that Support
The Introductory Program

All of these TOOLS are maintained in your private section on the platform and can be updated by you anytime throughout the year.
Upon completing the program, you will have:


An improved score on your Purposeful Leadership ASSESSMENT


A one-page representation of your Strategic Plan, which we call your PLAYBOOK


An ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY WORKSHEET for each of your key stakeholders in your stakeholder community


A tracking system for your short-term planning and performance measures, which we will call your DASHBOARD.

Program Details

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