Your Business Can Fulfill A Greater Purpose

Step-by-step online program
to integrate purpose into your business.

Why feel like a cog in a machine… when you can lead an unstoppable, inspired team?

Your business can become the platform to create impact and fulfillment for you, your employees, and your customers.

The Power of Purpose in Business: Statistics

of global consumers would help a brand promote their products or services if there is a good cause behind them. *

*From the 2018 Cox Consumer Pulse on Small Businesses survey

of satisfied purpose-oriented employees are more likely to promote their employer externally, without incentive.**

**From the 2016 Workforce Purpose Index by Imperative

of consumers would switch brands if a different one was purpose driven and had similar price and quality.***

***Simon Mainwaring, We First Social Branding Firm

Take the First Step

Here’s how to get started mastering Purposeful Leadership


Subscribe online, then schedule a call with us so we can set up your profile and give you a tour of the site. Once that is complete, you’ll immediately gain access to all of our curriculum, resources and online tools.

Take the Assessment

Take the Purpose Assessment to see how well your organization has integrated Purpose so far. This assessment will show you what areas to work on to increase your maturity across 4 key categories.

Master Purposeful Leadership

As you work through the program, you can update the assessment tool to see your progress. Once you’ve gained a 90-100%, you will be certified as a master of Purposeful Leadership and you will have transformed your organization.

marie mcneal-min

I now have greater clarity around my Purpose and I am more empowered to coach my employees with that clarity.

Can I master Purposeful Leadership?

As a subscriber, you can:

Grow At your own pace: We recommend a minimum of 1-2 hours per week.

Get coaching to move through each step easily.

Track your progress with the Purposeful Leadership Assessment.

Master Purposeful Leadership with webinars, practices, and readings.

Use Our Online Tools to update and share with other team members.

Transform Any Business MOdel in any industry. Yes, really!

The Purpose Quiz

With this short quiz, you can see your mastery of Purpose in four key categories of your business.

That way, you can stop feeling confused about Purpose and start building the high-impact organization that fulfills you. 

    Why Use Purpose to Grow a Business?

    Over the next decade, businesses with purpose will outgrow profit-first companies. Here’s why:

    “With Purpose, every business can grow through the unstoppable, contagious inspiration of a greater cause.

    It should no longer be normal to waste our lives trading time for money … when organizations are the most powerful tool we can leverage to change the world positively.

    Imagine a network of customers, vendors, and other stakeholders who look for ways to forward your Purpose. You watch your business flourish as employees are inspired and customers become forever fans.

    Are you willing to become the Purposeful Leader your community needs, to build the organization the world needs?”


    Will you lead an organization that changes people's lives for the better?

    Don’t waste a moment of your career building income without fulfillment. With Purpose, your business can start a positive movement.

    Set up a Informational Call using the Calendly form to answer all your questions about Purposeful Leadership.